Personal Policies

The government, you, and I rely upon H.M. Majesty’s armed services for our protection. The implication is that the government will look after them – They Don’t!   Homeless ex-service personnel come way down the list of priorities for housing – after risking their life and limbs for this country, and its monarch. Indeed, the […]

Most MPs are more interested in feathering their nests whilst a member and afterwards worrying about their constituency. Firstly, in keeping themselves in Westminster, then their party in Government and lastly, a comfortable lifestyle afterwards. No matter how lowly they are at the beginning most seem to become quite wealthy! N.B. I said ‘most’ some […]

1,  Schools – should discuss a child’s sexual dystrophy with its parents. 2, Trans women should not be allowed into women-only spaces until after surgery – toilets, prisons, changing rooms etc. 3. Trans women should not be allowed to compete on a level basis in sports that work on strength speed etc. My hope is […]

G4S Security at the Olympics Mismanaged Prisons – Birmingham & Strangeways Mismanaged tagging The company has been criticized and involved in numerous controversies. G4S should be a failed company by now. But the government won’t allow it Despite a litany of failures, most recently losing control of HMP Birmingham, G4S continues to be bailed […]

Not so much ‘Could have done more’ more ‘Could have done something’ What a waste of an 80-seat majority.   Milk in the fridge longer than some Tory ministers in post–McFadden Lettuce last longer than PM   Alas, now there are 5 Families in the Tories; sounds more like the Mafia.    

The government changed the law but failed to make these products truly accessible – except via expensive private providers NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – published a Guidance paper to cover the prescribing of cannabis-based medical products.     No trials since legalised 5 years ago. Only available of […]