Security at the Olympics

Mismanaged Prisons – Birmingham & Strangeways

Mismanaged tagging

The company has been criticized and involved in numerous controversies.


G4S should be a failed company by now. But the government won’t allow it


Despite a litany of failures, most recently losing control of HMP Birmingham, G4S continues to be bailed out by the state and awarded new contracts.


G4S Secure Solutions UK (SSUK) has won a multi-million-pound UK government contract to provide Front of House and Security Services at a number of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) buildings in London and the South East, including its London Headquarters at King Charles Street.24 May 2023


Government Property Agency awards G4S UK two five-year …

9 Jun 2023 — G4S Secure Solutions UK (SSUK) has won two five-year contracts from the Government Property Agency (GPA) to provide integrated security and …

G4S wins £300m government contract to run ‘mega-prison’

6 Oct 2020 — G4S has won a £300m government contract to run a new “mega-prison” which will house 1,680 inmates. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) selected …



Carillion ‘cooked the books’ effectively used a government scheme ‘Supply Chain Credit Scheme’ to borrow money, then did not declare it as borrowings. Hence it ‘overborrowed’

This was spotted by UBS bank in 2015 and the share price of Carillion fell, even a major shareholder sold it’s complete holding stating, “concerns on a number of issues including strategy, financial management and corporate governance”.



These two examples show that the government is neither good and their due diligence, nor control of their contracts and contractors. Indeed HS2 is yet another example of where it total lost total control of of another project.


The Computerisation of the NHS is yet another.

Yet, nine years later, the NHS IT system failure was national news. Marred by implementation issues, stakeholder opposition, and timeline delays, it was finally scrapped, but not before a massive fallout. Though it never launched, the project ultimately cost the British government (and taxpayers) more than £10 billion.19 May 2021