The government, you, and I rely upon H.M. Majesty’s armed services for our protection.

The implication is that the government will look after them – They Don’t!


Homeless ex-service personnel come way down the list of priorities for housing – after risking their life and limbs for this country, and its monarch.

Indeed, the ‘married quarters’ for serving personnel is also a national disaster: –

Army families suing MoD for poor housing told to drop claims or have pay docked

Thousands of military personnel could be owed compensation from the MOD for discrimination over housing costs

Military families raise concerns over the state of housing and delayed repairs

Military housing: Families say they’re living in damp, mouldy conditions

Royal Navy dad ready to quit because family’s living conditions are so bad

Military personnel living in squalor as private firms rake in millions in taxpayers’ cash

If you have ever seen the film called ‘The Covenant’ then you would have seen ‘The Covenant’ actually being honoured!