Bill Piper South Leicestershire Reform UK PPC

Born, bred, brought up and educated in the UK.

I have worked and visited in all but one continent.

I was state educated.

I have lived in this constituency since 1987 – I am not a candidate parachuted in!

I have always been concerned about this area and its people.

I have been a town councillor, the mayor, and a trustee of several local charities.

I have volunteered and helped on several occasions for various community projects.

I was an ardent independent, but Reform does not dictate their policies to representatives if the policy does not benefit their constituency.

I believe in: –

Drain the Swamp, not the People.

Support the country you live in – or – live in the country you support.

Don’t judge people by what group they’re in – but by their individual actions and words

My other concerns include how the governments have let us down – the people.

Governments for decades have let us down.

The Tories Broke Britain

Labour will bankrupt Britain

Only Reform UK can Save Britain

The one thing that I feel the various governments have really let us down is trust. Our armed services lay down their lives for ‘King and Country’.

Some of them then get prosecuted for their actions whilst in uniform. For example, Kier Starmer prosecuted Soldiers for a false claim of brutality in Iraq.

The Government repay those brave people with poorly maintained married quarters. And a lack of support for our retired veterans.

Last year, the number of homeless veterans rose by 14%; nearly ½ of them slept on the streets. (the rest in shelters).

I think it’s time that the government looked after our troops.

Whilst serving

Their welfare

And for their lawful actions whilst serving and not protecting those who acted against our troops.