Cost of Living

Immigration (Legal and Illegal)


The Economy

Well, polls differ, but I would suggest that there is a direct link.

Illegal immigration is costing our government dearly, and that is having a direct result on the economy of the country, the NHS and the Cost of Living

There are no two ways about it – Britain has gained so much by its diversity – Far more than just the sum of the parts.

But there is a point where, currently, we just do not have the infrastructure, nor where with all for all those that would like to live here. We have to consolidate what we have before we move on.

I remember a shortage of housing when I was a child. This large office block opened in 1966 and was not occupied until 1974. As a child, I kept hearing about the shortage of homes, and I suggested they live in this empty office block!

So, a housing shortage is not something new – and it IS something that governments of all persuasions have not resolved in over 60 years!

Immigration is having a direct effect on housing. If we have a housing shortage of X thousand, allowing 750,000 legal immigrants into the country can only worsen that.

Illegal immigration is having a huge impact on our economy. Whilst it may be comparatively small (hotels at £8Mn a day only account for £3Bn a year, I’m sure the other cost could double that) at an estimated £6bn per year, it’s close to 1/10th of what we spend on defence! Worse, it alone would add to the £116bn a year the government pays on servicing its loans.

Similarly, with the NHS.

In my humble opinion, the NHS also has other fundamental problems, which I will discuss later. However, an increasing demand for their services makes the situation worse.

Do we need immigration?

Well, there certainly is a view that we do.

It is said that we need around 250,000 to grow our economy,

It is said that we need more Doctors, Nurses, and carers.

And there are very impelling reasons given for them.

However, I know a carer who cannot get enough work because her agency has to prioritise the carers on work visas as they have a minimum number of hours; they have to work to keep their visa!