• Let's make Britain Great Reform UK
  • Local – I have lived in South Leicestershire for 35 years.
  • Committed
    • Lutterworth Town Council
    • Lutterworth Town Mayor
    • A trustee on several Lutterworth charities 
    • Volunteer Lutterworth Health Plan working group.
    • I will be hardworking and courteous to all and answer all my emails promptly.
    • I will bring investment to South Leicestershire, e.g., shopping centre revamps and a Lutterworth bypass.
    • I have worked with the NHS Commissioners for five years to save Feilding Palmer) hospital from demolition to a health hub for the future.
  • Candidate for the Reform Party (the Brexit Party)
    • Reform Party MPs put their constituency first.
    • Reform Party allows MPs freedom of conscience for their constituencies.

Latest News:

Reform UK has decided not to publish a Manifesto. Manifestos have been devalued over the years because the parties do not stick to their promises. The ‘reducing immigration to 10s of thousands’ is the most memorable. Therefore Reform UK is prepared to make a Contract with the electorate. It is a ‘draft’ because. like most […]

Under a Labour government, both Legal migration and illegal economic migration will rise. Labour do not see migration as a problem   Matt Goodwin – GB News – 19th January ‘24 Matthew James Goodwin (born December 1981) is a British academic who is a professor of politics in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University […]

We’ve been blindsided over the Immigration! The illegal boat people – who are costing us a small fortune are getting a disproportionate press. They’re only about 30,000 per annum. What about the 25 times greater issue! The net legal immigration. All this publicity over the Rwanda deal (which may or may not work) is a […]

National Policies:

​(law)reasonable steps taken by a person or an organisation to avoid committing a tort or an offence The company had taken all reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence to avoid the offence. ​(business)a careful investigation of the state of a business by a person or organisation that is thinking of buying it or investing in it Investors […]